Warning: OpenSCM is still work in progress and cannot be fully used yet! However, we are very grateful for suggestions and critique on how you would like to use this framework. Please have a look at the issues and feel free to create new ones/upvote ones that would really help you.

The Open Simple Climate Model framework unifies access to several simple climate models (SCMs). It defines a standard interface for getting and setting model parameters, input and output data as well as for running the models. Additionally, OpenSCM provides a standardized file format for these parameters and scenarios including functions for reading and writing such files. It further adds convenience functions and easily enables ensemble runs, e.g. for scenario assessment or model tuning.

This OpenSCM implementation comes with a command line tool openscm.

Use guidelines

We encourage use of OpenSCM as much as possible and are open to collaboration. If you plan to publish using OpenSCM, please be respectful of the work and the Maintainers’ willingness to open source their code.

In particular, when using OpenSCM, please cite the DOI of the precise version of the package used and consider citing our package description paper [when it’s written, which it’s not yet :)]. As appropriate, please consider also citing the wrappers and models that OpenSCM relies on. A way to cite OpenSCM alongside the references to the wrappers and original models can be found in the documentation and are available in bibtex format in the CITATION file.

Of course, there is a balance, and no single rule will fit all situations. If in doubt, don’t hestiate to contact the Maintainers and ask.